What is ‘Dzivnieku SOS’?

2012-01-23 20:43

‘Dzivnieku SOS’ (meaning ‘Animal S.O.S.’ in English) is a society for the protection of animals, working to change public opinion about animals, their rights and protection and to help abused and abandoned animals.  

What does ‘DzivniekuSOS’ do?

  • The Society helps animals in critical situations as well as abused or abandoned animals by searching for a new home for these animals and arranging for their medical treatment.
  • The Society organises a volunteer movement ‘Jumts virs galvas’ (meaning ‘Roof above the head’ in English), the purpose of which is to help animal shelters in Latvia. These shelters are overcrowded and unable to take in all animals left without a shelter. Volunteers of the movement temporarily offer their houses to shelter dogs and cats that have found themselves in the street due to various reasons, until their former owners or the new ones are found. Volunteers of the movement provide food and treatment for their ‘foster children’ on their own, while ‘DzivniekuSOS’ provides veterinary care, if necessary, and helps with advice.
  • The Society runs a web page – www.dzivniekusos.lv – which is an information resource providing, insofar possible, a summary of information about animals lost and found, violence against animals, acts of legislation and other issues related to the rights and protection of animals.
  • The Society holds informative and educational events on the rights and protection of animals.  Other activities are also carried out, aimed at helping animals, promoting compliance with applicable requirements for the welfare of animals and observation of animal rights in Latvia.